Saturday, May 7, 2016

our nursery

I think the nursery is finally ready for our baby girl!

I finished all my sewing projects several weeks ago so that my craft desk (a table top laid across two IKEA Expedit cubby shelves) could be disassembled and stored in the basement. (*Sob!* I will miss you terribly, craft desk!) My final sewing project was a pleated, adjustable crib skirt. Dan suggested the pink fabric to bring a little more girliness into the blue room, which was definitely a good call. It looks great and helps bring out the pink in the confetti dot curtains!

cozy birdhouse | our nursery

There are lots of online tutorials for crib skirts. I loosely followed one from View Along the Way, except I added lining and a pleat in the middle. The skirt is attached to the crib platform with Velcro so I can adjust it when the crib is lowered and it won't bunch up on the floor. I mentioned to Dan that I was concerned about the Velcro coming undone when lifting the mattress to change the sheet. His deadpan response was, "I'm more concerned that we're perpetuating gender stereotypes by giving her a crib skirt instead of crib pants." Ha! I laughed so hard I almost peed (which seems to be an increasing risk with each passing week of pregnancy).

We re-purposed one of the IKEA cubbies from the craft desk into a changing table and built a topper from a piece of MDF and some baseboard molding coated with primer, leftover wall paint, and a few coats of polycrylic. The topper is attached with sticky-backed Velcro tabs, so the shelf could potentially be reassembled as a craft desk in the future (I can always dream). Attaching legs to the bottom turned into a DIY Fail (it's hard to install screws into a shelf made out of pressed cardboard), but I figure that I'm short enough to handle a slightly lower diaper changing surface. I love how it turned out and it fits the changing pad perfectly! I'll use the drawers and baskets to store various diaper changing necessities and the extra shelf space to store blankets.

cozy birdhouse | our nursery

The area over the changing table needed a bit of artwork, so I painted a canvas to match the bunny motif from my baby quilt fabric. I mounted it in a wood frame and added the little fabric bows for extra cuteness.

cozy birdhouse | our nursery

The other cubby became a bookshelf/nightstand next to the daybed. The pink boxes hold towels and toys. I'm still loving the quilted pillow shams I finished back in March!

cozy birdhouse | our nursery

The only furniture we bought specifically for the nursery was the IKEA Hensvik crib and the rocking chair from Target. I emptied most of our stuff from the dresser and closet to free up space for clothes, crib sheets, sleepers, socks, and hats. I've had way too much fun organizing all her tiny accessories.

cozy birdhouse | our nursery

I'm glad this room is finally together, even though baby girl will probably be sharing a room with us for a while at the beginning!

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