Saturday, May 28, 2016

second blogiversary

Happy second birthday, blog! Your first birthday doesn't seem very long ago, but you've accumulated 51 new posts since then! I had them all bound into a Shutterfly book so one day, Mae can sit down and read about all the wonderful things she got to do while floating around in my belly. Unfortunately, I omitted most of the crummier parts like not being able to put on my own socks, the constant Braxton Hicks contractions, and that one week where I couldn't put any weight on my left hip, so she'll think it was all sunshine and roses and won't listen when I give her a hard time about those 9 long months I suffered through for her!

cozy birdhouse | our little family

Thanks to everyone who checks in on the blog regularly. I'd probably keep writing for myself even if no one ever read this, but you make it much more worth it!

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