Monday, May 16, 2016


My due date, Friday the 13th, has come and gone, and baby girl has decided it's just too cozy in my tummy to bother with the whole birth thing yet. I'm trying to balance tips for encouraging labor (daily walks) against the advice to get plenty of rest before baby comes (daily naps). She passed her non-stress test and ultrasound checks this morning with flying colors... She's measuring about 8 lb 10 oz (oof) and appears to have some hair coming in! I'm now officially scheduled for an induction on Thursday, so there is an end in sight for this pregnancy.

In the meantime, we'll keep making plans and hoping that they get interrupted by labor. Saturday we went to see "Captain America: Civil War" and then we ventured downtown with Kathy and Jason for an Asian food festival in the evening. (Maybe I should have tried more spicy things while we were there??) I had to dig out my maternity coat again since it was so chilly this weekend. I can't blame this little girl for waiting to make her appearance until it gets a bit warmer out again!

cozy birdhouse | asian food fest

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