Wednesday, October 30, 2019

romantic roller coastering

Dan and I celebrated our 7th anniversary last month with a trip to the amusement park. Our discount day through work happened to fall right on our anniversary! My whole family came in for the day, and we all enjoyed a beautiful day of roller coasters and fun.

We alternated between grown-up rides and kiddie rides. The lines were short for most of the big coasters, so we got to ride everything we wanted without making Mae, Oliver, and Archie wait too long for their turns.

The kids lines were actually a lot longer, but Mae, Ollie, and Archie were pretty patient. They loved the bumper cars and little automated car track just like last year.

Mae has been learning about vitamins and protein and how important it is to eat meat and "betchables" during meal time. She loves to tell me, "My leg is growing! My foot is growing! Because I ate my broccoli!" I guess all those vegetables have paid off, because this year, Mae and Ollie were tall enough to ride some new things. They were a little hesitant on the tiny roller coaster, but loved the swings!

I have had tons fun at the amusement park before, but I don't think I've felt as much pure joy in one moment there as I did watching Mae and Oliver on the swing ride. Every kid on that ride was having the time of his life, and every parent standing by to watch had a huge smile on their face!

While the kids' absolutely loved the swings, I think the highlight of Christopher's day was finally getting to drive the antique cars. The ride was removed years ago, just before he was tall enough to drive them, and was only re-opened recently. I enjoyed the double layer of nostalgia: fondly remembering 20 years ago when we puttered around in these cars, which are, themselves, a throwback to 100+ years ago.

For days before our visit to the park, Mae talked about a "yellow ride that goes up and down." I thought she was referring to a little airplane ride that she did last year, but when we got to the park, she insisted on the kiddie version of the drop tower! She was so brave and excited, and by far the tiniest kid on the ride. Look at her cute little face in there! (Also, props to Dan for agreeing to take Mae on this ride. Heights really aren't his thing. Good job conquering your fears for the sake of our kid.)

Our daredevil also enjoyed being whipped around on this little buggy ride. She wanted to ride everything in sight... even the stuff she's too small for! It's very hard to explain to a self-declared "big kid" that there are many more levels of big to achieve.

The only ride that left Mae a little scared was the haunted house where you get to fire laser guns at the "bad guys." That turned out to be Oliver's favorite ride! Fortunately, she is NOT afraid of giant mascot characters and was very excited to meet Charlie Brown. We had just watched The Peanuts Movie, so when she saw him standing near one of the rides, she nearly leapt out of my arms to run to him.

We had a long, fun day and stayed until the park closed. We admired the colorful fountains as we headed for our car. Such a fun way to spend our anniversary... even if it wasn't particularly romantic! (By the way, the "traditional" anniversary gift for 7 years is wool. Maybe that's the true cause of the "seven year itch." Anyways, that's how I justified my recent purchases at the Kentucky Wool Festival.)