Wednesday, May 11, 2016

a baby weasley sweater

Last weekend I had to miss Emily's BaByQ (isn't that the cutest name for a baby shower/barbeque??), since I don't want to be too far from my hospital at 39 weeks pregnant! Even so, I couldn't pass up the opportunity for another Harry Potter-themed baby gift. I think baby Oliver needs his very own Weasley sweater, in Gryffindor colors of course.

I knit this from Plymouth Yarn Encore Tweed in the colorway Brick Red and added the monogram "O" with duplicate stitch in the colorway Nugget. The back of the neck has a button closure so it won't be too tight trying to pull it over his head. The sweater is a 6-12 month size, so hopefully it will be nice and snuggly next winter! Details on my Ravelry page.

cozy birdhouse | a weasley sweater for baby oliver


  1. Hi Caitlin ! I see you are a very talented person, so many nice handmade things for the baby - Wow !
    I am very happy for you, especially after reading your very sad story last year.

    I wish you safe, short and easy labor and lots of happiness, patience and strength when your baby girl is finally born. Have you chosen the name already ?

    My baby girl is already almost 2 months old and it is both great adventure and big effort to have her :)

    Alicja Waclawek

    1. Thank you, Alicja. Congratulations on your new baby; I hope everything is going well so far!

      We are close to picking a name :) I am very anxious about labor, but getting more mentally ready each day! Mostly I am excited to meet our girl... And tired of carrying this big belly around!

      Good to hear from you!