Wednesday, August 26, 2020

two months of colin

Here he is... two months old already!

This little boy is just the picture of contentment! He loves relaxing on his lounge pillow, napping in the swing, getting his hair washed, and throwing wild punches at the dangling toys in his baby gym. He loves wearing his wrist and foot rattles, and frequently naps in them after nodding off in the middle of playtime. He's calm, observant, and quiet most of the time, but he's a bit stingy with the smiles. However, he always has the biggest smiles and gets so chatty as soon as he's placed on the changing table! He loves to communicate with a mix of "oohs," "ahhs," and "englehs."

We've settled into a good naptime/bedtime routine. Colin has his last bottle around 10 p.m. (he's fully weaned to formula now), and wakes up once at night. He keeps us a bit on our toes since his overnight feed happens anywhere between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Dan started working (from home) after six weeks off, so it's been great that Colin has only one feed at night and usually takes a long afternoon nap which coincides with Mae's "quiet time." Colin gets better at finding his thumb every day, so he's able to settle himself back to sleep if he wakes up at night. Sometimes we wake up and find him wide awake and happily watching the ceiling fan.

This month Colin had his first real bath, and it was love at first splash. He's also made lots of progress lifting his head during tummy time! Tummy time is much more successful when I lay him on my chest so he can lift his head to look at my face. If I put him on his mat, he usually finds his thumb and puts himself to sleep.

Mae continues to be a fabulous big sister. She loves "conversing" with Colin, where she talks and we respond as Colin with a silly voice. She refuses to carry on the conversation if we respond in a normal voice and says, "No, I was talking to Colin!" He loves getting attention from her, and reserves many of his somewhat rare smiles for her!

Happy two months, little guy! We are excited to see what month three brings!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

meet the family

With some careful planning and isolation, both sets of grandparents have now had a chance to meet Colin!

Mom, Dad, and Kevin came for a visit when Colin was 2 weeks old. They even came bearing a (very large!) gift: a hand-me-down playset tower for the backyard from Christopher and Emily. Mae was pretty excited when they pulled up in front of our house towing a U-Haul! When he wasn't helping set up the tower and slide, Dad got lots of snuggle time with Colin.

Kelsey was working the day Mom, Dad, and Kevin visited, so they all came back for a visit the following weekend. Kelsey even got to feed Colin a bottle! So cozy.

GranE and Batman came for a weekend visit when Colin was 6 weeks old. Colin is a little more awake and alert each week, so they got to see his playful, contented personality while also enjoying his long, snuggly naps.

Mae was THRILLED to have some company. Isolation is getting pretty tough for this very social kid. She moved a mile a minute all weekend and was so happy to have GranE and Batman as playmates. She spent hours coloring with GranE outside in the backyard and doing puzzles in the play room with Batman!

Since Mae went into GranE and Batman's room each day when she woke up, Dan and I enjoyed a few minutes of quiet in the morning. Can't say the same for Batman!