Tuesday, May 31, 2016

meeting mae

Mae's first visitors, her Grandpa and Aunt Kelsey, came to meet her in the hospital when she was just one day old! Mae was very sweet and sleepy and let both hold her without too much fussing.

Grandpa even brought props to make sure Mae doesn't end up with the same weird phobias as me. He wore his Vineyard Vines shirt (with a scary whale logo!) and brought the cute Halloween spider mug that he gave Kelsey and me a few years ago as "step 1 on our 12 step arachnophobia recovery program." So silly!

Aunt Kelsey did a great job holding Mae. I remember visiting Kelsey in the hospital when she was almost exactly 1/4th the weight of Mae!

Grandma stayed at our house until Tuesday to help care for us while we cared for Mae. No way could we have survived without her cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry! I'm sure she'll be back soon to get more time with her granddaughter!

Dan's mom flew in to town Wednesday and his dad and sister drove in after work on Friday. I love this family photo with Mae... so much love here!

Mae was happy to be snuggled all weekend. She loved being held by everyone, especially GranE who had the magic shoulder hold that calmed fussy Mae immediately.

Mae also got some quality time in with her Grandad and Aunt Colleen. So sweet.

We received an adorable little flower arrangement in an elephant planter from my parents while still in the hospital and more flowers and a teddy bear from my work group when we got home. Kathy and Jason sent a fruit bouquet (with pineapple ducks!) which was both pretty and delicious. The chocolate covered strawberries were my reward for getting through the millionth night time feeding.

Dan's parents sent me a silver heart charm with an "M" which matches the one they gave me last year after Nolan was born. I love this necklace... Such a good way to keep both my little ones close to my heart.

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