Monday, July 17, 2017

hank's blankie

When I gift a handmade item, I hope that it is loved to pieces, literally. The ultimate compliment is, "I used it so often that it wore out." Achieving this is pretty difficult with baby items. They outgrow clothes so quickly, and they get lots of blankets which all compete to become The Blankie. (A child's selection of The Blankie seems random, but is actually based on a sophisticated ranking system taking into account: ease of throwing out the car seat/stroller/window, chewiness, drool saturation capacity, and imperviousness to stain remover. Number of hours spent lovingly handknitting said blanket is not considered.)

So, when my cousin Courtney mentioned that her daughter Kate still uses the blanket I made, and that she'd like one for her son Henry, I was thrilled! I ordered the same yarn I used for Mae's blanket, Garnstudio Drops Cotton Merino in the Denim colorway. I like the cotton/wool blend for warmth, softeness, and drape.

I used the Pine Forest Baby Blanket pattern, same as Kate's blanket, but added 2 pattern repeats to accommodate the thinner yarn and smaller needles while keeping approximately the same finished blanket dimensions. I completed 54 repeats and made far fewer mistakes than the last time I knit this pattern, thank goodness!

Happy belated first birthday, Hank! I hope you enjoy cuddling your new blanket!

Details on my Ravelry page.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

star wars

Dad's birthday celebration continues. (He's really dragging out his February birthday, isn't he??) Saturday we took him, Mom, and Kevin to see an exhibit of 60+ Star Wars costumes from all 7 films. There was an interesting dichotomy between the simple, iconic costumes of the original movies and the elaborate gowns from the more recent films.

My favorite takeaway was the idea of "greeblies," which was George Lucas' term for the little bits and pieces attached to the outside of costumes to look like electronics, weapons, badges, etc. Definitely adding this word to my lexicon.

Afterwards we enjoyed a walk along the river and some tasty German food. Mae let Grandpa help color her Kinder Menu and then wolfed down some pretzel and hot dog. Such a fun day!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

mae milestones

I didn't write a "thirteen months of Mae post", but we still have lots of fun Mae milestones to catch up on!

A few weeks ago, Mae started saying her first real word: doggy. As soon as a dog comes into view during our walks or runs across the TV screen in a Beggin' Strips commercial, Mae yells out "DOG-GEE!"

Just five days after her birthday, Mae stood up on her own for the first time. Since then she frequently just pops up in the middle of the floor looking super proud. She loves playing "How Big is Mae?" and keeps her balance (most of the time) when she throws her hands up in the air! Since she's finally standing, she has graduated to the next room at day care. That meant a quick shopping trip to get Mae's first pair of shoes! We got a cute pair of white and pink Stride Rite sneakers with little butterflies on the side. Mae thinks they are weird and tries to chew them off her feet.

Also, she has started to take a few wobbly steps at a time; I think her record is five. She looks like a tiny drunken Frankenstein, but she gets more stable every day. She thinks walking is hilarious and usually collapses into a giggly puddle at the end of a practice session. I'm looking forward to her walking just so her little knees don't get so scraped up now that she's in shorts most of the time!

But possibly more exciting than her first word or her first step, was Mae's first bite of cheese. She is now eating (and loving) all forms of dairy including cheese, yogurt, milk, and my personal favorite... ice cream. I made a cheesecake for my birthday last week, and I have never seen her mouth open so wide as when I was offering her little bites. I have to admit, I did selfishly hoard the thumbprint cookies that Kathy made me (using my homemade jam!), but I did share bits of the Boston Cream Pie cupcakes that she also brought to my birthday party on Saturday. I'm getting used to this dessert-sharing business; I haven't had to share with anyone for years now!