Sunday, August 27, 2023

lane raglan rash guard

I haven't done much sewing this summer, but here's a little project I finished just in time for our trip to the beach! I made this rash guard using the Lane Raglan pattern (used previously for my taco shirt, lemon shirt, and striped hoodie. I love rash guards for protecting my shoulders from getting too much sun at the beach. Plus, I don't need any help sunscreening since my whole back is covered!
The main fabrics are nylon spandex tricot from El Centenario Fabric on Etsy. The powermesh, lining, and elastics are all left overs from the Take the Plunge swim suit I made last year. I made a size small but took in the sides a little bit more for a snug fit. I also added a shelf bra using a tutorial from Made for Mermaids. I sewed padded swim cups to the "inside" of the powermesh and lined the whole front with swim lining. My first attempt at the shelf bra was way too long and too loose, so I shortened it and reduced the elastic length by several inches. I have plenty of fabric leftover, so maybe I'll make a matching swim suit next year!

Monday, August 7, 2023

surf, sand, sunshine

We had a great vacation week with Dan's family doing all our favorite beachy activities!
(Isn't Colleen's baby bump so cute??)

Mae spent every possible moment in the water. She could jump over waves for hourrrrrs. She got a little braver this year and was even making me a little nervous with how far she was willing to venture out. She'd start relatively shallow and then slowly work her way further out until the surf was up to her shoulders, sweeping her briefly off her feet. Then she'd look a little panicked, catch her breath, and start the routine all over again in the shallow water.
Colin on the other hand, was absolutely terrified of the waves. In his defense, they were pretty big! He freaked out if I even tried to take him onto the wet part of the sand... far away from the edge of the water! Fortunately, he LOVED playing in the sand. He mostly dug holes but also enjoyed a few games of paddle ball.
We had lots of fun activities back at the house also. Both kids had fun with the new splash pad. It was perfect for staying cool in the middle of the day (and for very thoroughly watering a very small section of the yard.)
Colin kept Batman busy chasing this little plane all over the front yard. Mae loves lemonade stands, so she was thrilled when GranE and Batman helped her set one up.
Colleen and I went out for a little paddle around the bay side where the water is calmer. I borrowed a kayak and she got to try out her new inflatable paddle board. My arms were definitely tired afterwards but not nearly as sore as I expected.
One of the best parts of the week was seeing the 4th of July fireworks. I wasn't sure if we'd be able to see the Atlantic City fireworks, since they start a little too late in the evening for Colin. Fortunately there were smaller shows going off all around us as soon as dusk hit. Mae and GranE found the perfect spot to watch them... the lifeguard stand!
Colin decided they were exciting but a little too loud (and he was a little too sleepy), so we walked back to the house for bedtime.
Thanks for a great vacation!

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

back home again

Well, the 4th of July has come and gone, and I still haven't posted about Memorial Day! Time for some catch-up.

After 10+ years of casually talking about it, Dan and I finally decided to get tickets to the Indy 500 this year (along with Kelsey and Will.) Kelsey and I have been before, but Dan and Will were newbies. Unfortunately, Dan decided that Memorial Day weekend would be a good time to come down with shingles and spent the weekend bedridden at home. Don't worry, he's all healed up now, but he had a very uncomfortable couple weeks! I did feel a little bad about leaving him at home while we traveled to Indy, but I think he was grateful for the peace and quiet while he recovered.

Saturday we went to the Indy 500 parade. Mae and Colin loved everything: the floats, the balloons, the cars, the horses, the music, the confetti, and the big floats!
Sunday, we had a beautiful day for the race! Christopher filled in for Dan at the last minute and even cooked up a million frozen chicken fingers Saturday night so we could have cold chicken (my favorite) to eat during the race.
Will enjoyed his first Indy 500! It's certainly an experience walking in those gates for the first time surrounded by a quarter million people all decked out in their finest checkered and star-spangled clothes!
Mae and Colin had fun at the pool while we were at the race. Last summer, Mae sat at the top of the water slide and agonized over whether she was brave enough to go down. Ultimately, she opted to climb back down the stairs, but was disappointed in herself and determined to try during our next visit. Unfortunately the pool closed before we visited again! She must have spent all winter psyching herself up, because she went right up and down that slide this time! Go Mae!