Sunday, March 11, 2018

brown house

It's been 2.5 weeks and I think we're finally getting back on our feet after one of the busiest weeks we've ever had. Here's a quick run-down of the highlights.

Friday, February 23: Our official move day
9 am: Three movers arrive to deal with all the big stuff that we haven't been able to move ourselves over the last 5 weeks. They mention that they have another move scheduled later in the day, so I'm optimistic that they'll be done mid-afternoon and Dan and I get some work done at the new house before picking Mae up from day care. I head straight to the new house after dropping her off to clean the floors before they get covered by furniture.
11 am: One of the movers quits and goes to spend the rest of the day sulking in the truck. My confidence in a mid-afternoon end time is waning.
Noon: Dan calls me to let me know there's water backing up in the basement of the old house... one last hurrah from our plumbing.
4 pm: Movers finish loading the truck. Plumber finishes draining the basement. I finish calculating how much this day is going to cost and then promptly block the number from my mind.
5 pm: I leave to pick up Mae from day care and try to think of something to do with her until the move is over. Time to wander around the grocery store for an hour.
8 pm: Movers finally finish unloading everything. We celebrate with fish sandwiches and a hot dog for Mae (she's a heathen and doesn't observe Lenten Fridays).

Saturday, February 24: First day in the new house
1:23 am: Archie is born!
7 am: I casually run 13 miles like it ain't no thang. Remember when that was the culmination of months of hard work for me? Now I'm only half way to my goal!
10 am: Dan heads off to the movies for Day 1 of the Oscar Best Picture Showcase, leaving me to entertain (and keep safe) a toddler amidst a mountain of cardboard boxes surrounded by un-babyproofed electrical outlets.
11 am: Problem solved: Chick-fil-a play area to the rescue!
1 pm: I say a little prayer that Mae takes a good nap for me despite the fact that sunlight is streaming in her bedroom window. I had grand plans of having her room entirely put together before move day (paint, curtains, rug, decorations, etc), and those things still aren't completely done! I only managed to paint the ceiling and walls.
8 pm: Dan decides that 4 movies wasn't quite enough for one day, so he sticks around the theater and buys a ticket for "Black Panther."

Sunday, February 25: Guess we didn't learn our lessons
Dan texts me this picture of my old photo album documenting our move to our old house in 2012.

We've accumulated a bit more stuff (and an additional family member) in the last 6 years.

Wednesday, February 28: One last visit to the old house
Goodbye, stained glass window. Goodbye, Nolan tree. Good riddance, basement.

Thursday, March 1: D-Day
Oh, you thought move day was D-day? Uh-uh, nope. I've been training for a day like this my WHOLE LIFE.
8 am: I drop Mae off at day care. There is no room for a toddler in today's schedule.
9 am: Closing for our old house. We've been going back every night since move day to collect stuff like the sandbox that got left behind by the movers. Every night... more and more junk packed into the Mazda and then unpacked at the new house. We bring a box of celebratory donuts to the closing. No one else wants one. I eat two.
11 am: I arrive at work, hopped up on donuts and adrenaline. I have a big review today. I mean "Big" as in, "I've-been-working-towards-this-for-over-a-year Big."
Noon: I head to the review early and eat the free catered lunch... chicken cordon bleu with plain rice. It tastes like airplane food... my favorite! (Yes, really.)
1 pm: Presentation begins.
2 pm: And just like that... it's over. Time for a celebratory drink!

Mae handled this crazy week pretty well (with just a few more "hold me" requests than usual). She is adjusting well to life in "brown house," as she calls it. I think it helps that she has her own playroom just off the kitchen! Plus, we are super close to the park, and there is a cat next door that we can follow all over the yard while saying "meow. meow. meow."

Saturday, March 3, 2018

meet archie!

My newest nephew has arrived! Christopher and Emily welcomed Archer James to their family on Saturday, February 24th at 1:23 a.m. They are home, healthy, and happy, and Oliver is adjusting to life as a big brother.

We were super busy this week, scrambling to get our old house empty and clean for closing on Thursday morning, preparing for my big review at work on Thursday afternoon, and organizing stuff in our new house. (I'll share more on that craziness in another post). We are finally getting a chance to relax now, so Mae and I spent the weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house while Dan spent all Saturday at the movie theater watching five of the Oscar Best Picture nominees.

Friday evening, we got to meet Archie! I hardly heard a peep out of him all night as he just wanted to snuggle and eat. He cuddled me for a long while while mom prepared dinner.

I look super tired in that photo, but I made up for all the lost sleep this week by sleeping until 11 a.m. on Saturday! Mom and I got to do a little home decor shopping during Mae's afternoon nap before Christopher, Emily, Oliver, and Archer came over again for the evening. We let Mae get a little closer to Archer this time (after applying a hefty glob of sanitizer to her germy little hands). Oliver was very proud to show off his little brother!

Mae even got a chance to hold the "BAY-BEEEE," though she seemed a bit apprehensive and didn't know where to put her hands.

We enjoyed our short visit very much... visiting family, meeting my new nephew, and sleeping in all adds up to a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

ea ea ea!

I've been working later in the evenings to prepare for a big review at work in a few weeks. Unfortunately that means I've been missing Mae's dinner time more often than not. Fortunately, Dan has been handling it like a champ. He texted me this series of photos documenting Monday's dinner saga.

Mae walks in the door Monday evening, and all she can think about is when she will get to "EA! EA! EA!" (Never mind that she just had an afternoon snack). She announces "pate pate!" and collects her plate from the cabinet. Then she goes to the utensil drawer and begs for a "poooooh" until she receives a spoon (forks are dumb and everything should be eaten with a spoon). Dan appeases the hunger monster with a cheese stick appetizer and asks if she wanted to sit at her little table in the kitchen. All sorts of drama ensues, since the preferred seating location is clearly the "high chah, high chah."

A cheese stick buys about 5 minutes of peace before Mae starts asking for "mo? mo? MO? MO?" At this point, the pasta still has 4.5 minutes to go. This is the longest 4.5 minutes of her liiiiiiiife. The distraction-by-coloring technique is employed, and she goes through 4 sheets of paper, creating a masterpiece series that Dan has titled "a study in pasta." She takes the edge off the hunger by eating half a purple crayon.

Finally, dinner is served. Oh it's pasta? I guess she's not that hungry after all. A cup of milk and a fruit pouch, and she's on to the next thing... "PAY-DOH!"

Turns out the play-doh is just a short intermission, and she returns to the pasta after a quick "mee-mup" (clean up) of all the play-doh cutters. Then she kicks dada off the couch, curls up with the latest issue of National Geographic, and waits patiently for Mama to come home!