Wednesday, November 14, 2018

the weather was on our side

After spending the entire month of October waiting for a pretty weekend day, my family gave up and decided that our annual Kings Island trip just wasn't going to happen this year. We wanted to have a family gathering anyways, so we planned an indoor day of arcade fun for the last, dreary Sunday of the month. Everyone came to our house for lunch first. Even Kelsey flew in for the weekend from her current assignment in Delaware! As we were finishing lunch, we decided to check the weather forecast one more time... and it looked like the rain might hold off juuuust long enough to get some roller coaster rides in!

We bundled up and rushed to the park. The chilly, breezy weather kept the lines at a minimum, and we walked on to most of our favorite rides! We split our time between rides for the grown-ups and kids rides in Planet Snoopy.

Mae and Oliver loved driving the little cars, riding the space buggies, and going in circles on the bumper cars.

Half of us rode the train while the other half went off to ride another coaster. We took turns watching kids and riding, which wasn't a problem since the lines were so short! No one had to wait for long for their turn to ride.

It didn't rain until early evening. We rushed inside Festhaus and caught the end of a Halloween-themed musical revue. Mae and Oliver were completely mesmerized by the singing, dancing, lights, and costumes.

I'm so glad we were able to make this trip happen. We had a fun fall weekend and got to enjoy time together and lots of fun rides!