Sunday, February 12, 2023

winter lake time

In mid-January Dad and I drove out to visit my Gramma and Grampa for a few days at Lake George. We left Saturday afternoon and stayed overnight at Aunt Cindy and Uncle Roy's house. We woke up early to get to church and got to see a beautiful sunrise over Lake Erie!
After church and Egg McMuffins we got back on the road. We arrived in late afternoon, unpacked the car, and immediately joined in on a game of 10 to 1 with Aunt Kathy, Uncle Chris, and Sue who were also visiting!
The next few days were a bit quieter but still busy. We played lots of cards and assembled a couple puzzles. We did some grocery shopping and made some tasty dishes, including a key lime pie for dessert! I also stopped by Adirondack Wines and picked up a few bottles to take home.
Wednesday, we spent the morning playing with Gramma and Grampa's new cell phones. We made the menus more intuitive and cleaned up the contacts, but mostly we had fun making calls between the 5 phones (4 mobile and 1 landline) on the table!
The lake was so still and the cloud patterns were so variable, I had to keep running dashing outside to take photos. I kept accidentally startling the chickadees, nuthatches, and titmouses (titmice?) on the birdfeeder. Oops!
The sunrise was beautiful the morning we left. Unfortunately the "red in the morning" saying held true! We got on the road early to get ahead of some bad weather that was predicted near Syracuse. Fortunately we didn't hit any snow, but we did drive through some heavy rain! We got home just in time for me to wind the kids up right before bed. Dad stayed overnight and got some work done on his Shutterfly project the next morning while I took Colin to swim lessons.
Dan and the kids had a busy week without me! Monday was a holiday, so they had an extra day to hit up the bookstore, go out for lunch (quesadillas), and build an epic fort in the basement! The rest of the week was busy with school and day care.
Thanks for a great visit, Gramma and Grampa! It was great to get so much quality time together; I only wish I could have stayed longer!