Friday, June 12, 2020

a weasley sweater for me

Why do I always finish knitting sweaters as soon as it starts to get hot?? Plus, I can't even fit in this one right now! I am greatly looking forward to wearing it in the fall. (Hopefully I will fit in it by then.)

I have wanted one of these Harry Potter-inspired "Weasley Sweaters" as soon as I saw the first movie. I was even jealous of the baby version I made for Oliver. I found a free pattern on Ravelry and adapted it to work for my worsted weight Universal Yarns Deluxe Tweed. I used the colorways Navy (gifted from Dan for Christmas this year) and Smoke (leftover from the Kobuk hat I made last year). These are similar to the colors of Harry's sweater, while Ron's is the classic Gryffindor maroon & gold.

The "C" is knit in intarsia. I think duplicate stitch is easier, but I didn't want the extra bulk of doubling up the stitches. I made my own chart in excel by tracing a "C" in a font I liked (Bell) and sizing it to 32 stitches by 49 rows.

I really like the roomy style of this pattern and the drop shoulders, which match the sweaters from the movie well. However, I knit the hem and collar as 2x2 ribbing instead of rolled. While a rolled collar would be more authentic, I was worried that it wouldn't hold its shape well, and I knew that a rolled hem would be constantly rolling up and driving me crazy. So excited to wear this cozy sweater when it gets cold (and I get less huge) again!

More details about sizing and modifications on my Ravelry page.

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