Tuesday, June 9, 2020

may showers bring june babies

Okay, it's been over 3 weeks since Mae's birthday party so I feel comfortable saying that no one contracted coronavirus as a result of our gathering. The risks were low considering we'd all been pretty well socially distanced, but I've breathed a little easier each day that passed since then. (Figuratively. In reality, breathing gets a little more difficult every day from lugging around this pregnant body.)

As I mentioned in Mae's birthday post, we also used our brief family gathering time to have a little baby "sprinkle." Mom and Kelsey prepared a bunch of delicious appetizers, along with adorable baby-themed cookies and chocolate covered pretzels! I forgot to take a photo, but everything looked so cute spread out on the dining table! We had originally planned to have a larger shower with everyone from both families over Dan's birthday weekend, but cancelled it because of coronavirus. I was just so grateful that we were still able to have a little gathering to celebrate this baby. (Plus, we are well-stocked on cute and cozy baby outfits now!)

We played a few shower games. I particularly liked the "Must Match Mae" game where we all tried to guess how Mae would answer questions about the baby. For your information, baby will have blue eyes (statistically unlikely but that didn't stop Mae from having blue eyes) and gray hair (takes after his parents.) His favorite color will be pink and he will look like "a person." He will wait to walk until he's 2 and be born on a Friday! She's got it all planned out!

Between Mae's birthday lunch and the baby sprinkle, we hung out in the backyard, enjoying the sunny weather as we relaxed around the pool.

No, not a real pool... the $10 plastic kind from the hardware store. Mae and Kelsey "painted" each others fingers and toes with water...

... and had an epic bubble gun battle.

It was just so nice to visit with family. I think our little social butterfly really appreciated being able to chat and play with people besides us! We were all pretty exhausted after the weekend. That was more socializing than we've done in MONTHS!

I should also mention, the family guesses in the "baby pool" are in... with due date guesses ranging from 6/23-6/30 and birth weight guesses ranging from 7 lb 3 oz to 8 lb. (I'm a little worried that the 8 lb guess is going to be closest!) Just 2.5 weeks to go now!

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