Wednesday, June 17, 2020

bump update

Just a quick post to share a photo of my giant belly. This picture was actually taken about a week and a half ago (37 weeks), so you'll just have to picture my belly slightly bigger (and a bit lower) than in this photo.

I'm also modeling a recent sewing project, a Julia cardigan in black Kaufman laguna jersey. It's one thing I've made that I can actually try on! I sized up to a medium this time (my last version was a size small). I might need to shorten the sleeves, though they will provide good hand-coverage for chilly days.

I mostly took this photo to put in the baby book I'm working on. I realized we had no recent photos of Dan either, so I made him take one in our backyard. He recently replaced all the rotted wood in this bench with new cedar slats, so we are each showing off our recent projects here!!

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