Thursday, June 17, 2021

me made may 2021

This was my second year participating in Me Made May, a month-long challenge focused on wearing handmade clothing. During May 2019, I pledged to wear each of my handmade items once. This year I managed to wear a handmade item every day! The weather was perfect for the challenge this year; wild swings in temperature allowed me to wear everything from wooly cardigans and socks to lightweight t-shirts and pajama shorts. Here's a few of the new items I wore this month.

First, this Dory cardigan... a good wardrobe addition for the chilly beginning of May! Remember that Vindaloo wrap I knit a few years ago? Turns out, I'm just not a wrap/shawl person. While I loved how it looked, I just never reached for it in the closet. So, I "frogged" (unraveled) it and repurposed the yarn (Ella Rae classic wool, colorway Lunar) into this sweater. The pattern is a free Berocco pattern called Dory. The simple stitch pattern at the yoke doesn't look like a pattern at all while you're working on it up close, but when completed it forms neat little diamonds! The only modification I made on this pattern was to knit the shoulder shaping using the German short-row method. More details on my Ravelry page.

Next, I finished this Biscayne blouse back while I was pregnant with Colin, but after I lost my baby weight it was way too big! My previous versions were size XS, graded to S at the waist. They are a little tight at the underarm so I went up a size in both bust and waist for this version. Turns out, I just needed to enlarge the arm hole instead of going up a size. I modified the arm hole and took in the side seams for a better fit. I also originally installed KAM snaps for the closure, but realized I'd rather have buttons. I don't need functional buttons here, so I removed the KAM snaps and just sewed the buttons through the placket. Removal of the KAM snaps was fun. I heated an old metal fork over the gas stove and then used the tines to melt the plastic prongs of the snap. Then I crushed the snap with pliers to remove the pieces. Next time I have to do this, I might invest in a cheap soldering iron for the melting step.
The fabric is a Cotton + Steel rayon and features cute little shore birds and fish. It's a bit heavier weight than the Art Gallery rayon I've used several times before. The care instructions are dry-clean only, but "ain't nobody got time for that." It prewashed fine and other internet reviews say it should be okay in a regular washing machine.
Recognize this? I made a fun modification to this Margo skirt. I think the previous waistband stretched, so it wasn't fitting correctly and sitting too far below my waist. I replaced it with this sparkly rose gold Dritz waistband elastic from JoAnn! I unpicked the previous waistband and zipper, sewed the zipper seam shut, and then attached the skirt to the elastic using a tutorial I found on the Dritz website.
As the end of May neared, I was starting to run out of handmade items. I've been meaning to make a pair of chambray City Gym Shorts from my stash of scraps, so I sewed these up in just 2 evenings. The fabric was leftover from my Cheyenne Tunic, the elastic was from my Carolyn Pajamas, and the bias binding was from a Biscayne Blouse. I added pockets, just like I did to my previous pair of egg-print shorts. I also attached the waistband using the tutorial from the Carolyn Pajamas. This results in a higher rise and a less bulky waistband. I've been wearing these as pajamas, but I have been debating whether they're nice enough for daytime wear. Pardon the wrinkles... I wore these before taking photos!
Speaking of scraps, this Acacia Undies pattern is perfect for using up little bits of knit fabrics. I used 1/2" stretch lace from Frogfeathers on Etsy. I modified the pattern to narrow the gusset slightly. They're super comfortable! I have several more knit scraps and a pile of lace trim destined to become underwear.
Lastly, I finished this top (and took this photo) two years ago! The fabric is Art Gallery Fabrics rayon in Everlasting Blooms. I loved it so much that I bought a few more yards to make curtains in our sewing room/office (hence my matching background). I've been meaning to share photos of this top and my sewing space, but it is NEVER organized enough to take photos. I try... I do. But it is always a mess. It's a mess with pretty curtains, though!
I was very proud that I was able to wear at least one handmade item every day of May! P.S. This is my 300th blog post!!

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