Thursday, August 10, 2017

carolyn pajamas

Quick blog update before we get to the real post! I have added a gallery page where you can view all of my recent projects and quickly link to the blog posts about them! Click here to view the gallery or click the link in the sidebar on the right side of your screen! Ok, now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

​My latest sewing project! These are the Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Patterns made from (believe it or not) an Ikea ÅKERTISTEL duvet cover. I was looking for an inexpensive fabric to try out this sewing pattern, and figured that if sheets are comfy enough to sleep on, they should be comfy enough to sleep in. The weave feels slightly nicer than quilting cotton, but there were other Ikea bed linens that were even softer. The cover had a different color top and bottom, so I used the yellow side for the main fabric and the white side for the contrasting piping. I had plenty of fabric, so I didn't have to worry about making mistakes, since I could always cut out another piece!

I made a size 6 in the top and bottom with no alterations. I am getting used to sewing-pattern sizes, which haven't followed the same vanity sizing trend I see in most stores. Both fit nicely, if only a bit snug. All exposed seams were finished on my serger. The pattern suggests french seams, but I am enjoying using my new machine whenever I can.

I printed out my pattern at the beginning of July and finished these pajamas in about 3 weeks. I can only do a few steps at a time in the evenings before I get tired and start making mistakes. I could probably make this pattern faster without the cuffs and contrast piping, but I love that little detail! My goal with this project was to build my confidence in sewing things like collars, sleeves, and pockets on a low-pressure project like pajamas. Okay, one last look, since this is probably the last time these jammies will ever be nicely pressed and unwrinkled!


  1. Now that's bright and joyful!! and brilliantly done. I must confess, every time I see one of your sewing projects I get a little closer to giving in to sewing. But I have so little time, I'm afraid I'll get in over my head.
    Congratulations anyway!!

    1. Oh you should absolutely sew! Do you have a machine? Mine is a (relatively) inexpensive machine but I have had it for several years and it gets the job done :)

      When I discovered all these beautiful independent sewing patterns, I was very inspired to start some sewing. Just like when Ravelry inspired me to take up knitting more!

    2. Yes I do... which is a good start I guess!