Wednesday, January 9, 2019

that's a wrap

It's not a shawl... it's a wrap. Or perhaps a crescent-shaped scarf.

This is the Vindaloo Wrap knit in Ella Rae Classic in the colorway Lunar Green. Kathy found the yarn for me at a good discount during Small Business Saturday in 2017. I finished knitting this near the end of last winter, but I'm still very undecided on whether I like it. I love the pattern, and it was an easy knit with minimal counting/concentration required. But, it's been hanging out in my closet, waiting for cooler weather and waiting for me to decide if I'll ever wear it.

I decided to give it at least one wearing before making any decisions to repurpose the yarn. I put it on Saturday for errands and a party in the afternoon. It's definitely warm, and it was a fun accessory. I'll give it a bit longer to see how often I reach for it in the closet.

What do you think? Should I give it a bit longer to grow on me or give the yarn a new life as something else??


  1. I think you should keep it until you look at it one day and say "Oh, I know what I want to make with that green yarn!" I like it for its beautiful color and the style is unique. Now I'm interested to see what happens...! Oh, and of course it looks really pretty on you:).

    1. What a good idea! Then I'm basically storing the yarn as a scarf instead of as a ball. Very useful :)