Thursday, May 28, 2020

six years of blog

Happy 6th birthday, blog! You gained a trim 29 posts over the last year. Though that’s less than previous years, we covered all the usual highlights: family events, house projects, and crafts! I think my blog book this year turned out just as beefy as each year before!

Over the last couple months, while we’ve been dealing with the impacts of coronavirus and social distancing, most of my posts have been to share pictures of my finished craft and home projects. That’s the only stuff keeping me sane, considering we haven’t done... well... anything else. Dan’s been working from home since March 13th, which was also Mae’s last day of daycare. I’ve only been to the office twice for a couple hours at a time since March 19th. Dan has done all our trips to the grocery and hardware store. I can count the number of times I’ve left the house (other than short walks) on two hands. I’ve driven to work twice, to the OB three times, to the Chinese carryout restaurant once, to the post office drive-through once, and to the park once. (I could have walked to the park if I wasn’t so massively pregnant.) With daytime temperatures getting into the 80s, even my commitment to our daily walks has waned. I am mostly confined to the air-conditioned indoors or the shade in the backyard (if there’s enough of a breeze.)

In just a few weeks, everything will change again. Instead of waking at night to manage my hip pain, I’ll wake to feed my newborn. Instead of balancing parenting and working from home, I’ll balance parenting a 4-yead-old and an infant. Instead of channeling all my extra energy into crafts and home projects, I’ll... who am I kidding? I won’t have any extra energy.

While it’s been scary and stressful to be pregnant in the time of coronavirus, I’m thankful for the time I’ve been able to spend with Dan and Mae. We’ve tried to plan things to look forward to, like our “sleepover” with Mae last weekend. Our days are a bit monotonous, but I have lots of happy, silly memories from this time. I’m thankful that maternity leave will give me the ability to stay home and safe for a few more months while businesses reopen.

I wonder what life will look like when this blog turns 7. It’s too hard to think about the future right now. I’m just trying to get through the next few months!

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