Wednesday, April 4, 2018

easter and retirement

Last weekend we celebrated not only Easter but also Dad's retirement! On Friday afternoon, Mom threw a little a retirement happy hour at a restaurant near his office. It was fun to be introduced to many of his coworkers that I have heard about but never met! His former manager Brendan gave a little speech, and then Dad thanked all the family members who were able to be there.

Mae and Oliver were entertained by the stash of goodies that Emily brought along in a little tote she calls the "Hermione Bag", for it's seemingly endless supply of activities (play doh, coloring, stickers, straws, felt books, etc). I think this photo captures all the emotions involved with Mae and Oliver's love/hate relationship.

I must share the amazing toast that Aunt Ruthann wrote for Dad's retirement. She didn't get a chance to read it at the party, but Mom read it out loud to Dad at dinner afterwards and we all loved how well it described him!

Let's raise a toast to Tim
On this, his retirement day
He has earned these future days off
With now more time to play

His family all love him
To this they'll attest
As husband, dad & grandpa
They'd award him "The Best!"

He loves to play games
Whether on boards or on courts
His golf swing is smooth
Tim is good at all sports

On the slopes he's a master
The tennis ball he'll kill
Whether bocce, pool or corn hole
He plays them all with skill.

He is friendly, smart & funny
He can pack a car trunk like a pro
He might not land a musky
But he makes a mean mojito.

He walks closely with our Lord above
As a Christian he does his part
He eulogized his father-in-law
With words straight from his heart.

And now on his Retirement Day
We all lift a glass to him
For 37 years with Lilly
We all salute you, Tim!

He's going to have a lot more time for tennis and mojitos now; although, I think his immediate calendar is going to be very full of house projects!

Saturday morning, I missed out on running with my group. We were scheduled to do 20 miles, but I planned to do 16 on my own. Kelsey joined me for the second half of my run and motivated me to finish all 20! Then I was pretty worthless the rest of the day. Saturday evening, we had a big Easter dinner. I managed to take only one photo, but at least it was this cute one of Henry, Libby, and Mae playing the piano.

For the most part, the adults had a nice time visiting while the kids played. This was mostly thanks to Dan, who entertained/policed the kids for a long time. Courtney got this photo of him moderating an important Baby Summit.

Sunday morning, Mae was thrilled to open her Easter basket. The biggest hit was a little motorized fan... and she hasn't even discovered that it's attached to a tube of mini M&Ms!

Before anyone asks... NO, I did not make Mae's Easter dress like I did last year. It's from Target, and it's ADORABLE!! Happy Easter!

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