Thursday, March 29, 2018

we are boring hosts

GranE and Batman drove out last weekend for a little visit. As soon as I heard them come to the door on Friday evening, I started asking Mae, "Who's at the door? Mae, do you hear someone you know?? Whose voice is that?" She hesitantly stepped around the corner and spotted Batman. Then she screeched with excitement and RAN down the hallway to greet them.

Overall, it was a pretty quiet weekend. It's hard to get much done under threat of a blizzard and with a baby that sleeps for 3 hours right during the middle of the day! Friday evening we walked to the park for some slide time while Dan cooked dinner.

Saturday morning I went out for a long run, which passed near our house around the half-way mark. Dan tracked my progress on his phone and bundled up the family to come cheer for me on their way to the nearby coffee shop. That little glimpse of them got me through a very challenging run! Mae got a cookie as a reward for being such a good sport about riding in the stroller.

We had a relaxing Saturday afternoon where almost everyone snoozed for a little while. Lazy Saturdays are the best!

We went out for a very enjoyable (but not very relaxing dinner) where Mae insisted on exploring the entire (thankfully almost empty) restaurant while I scarfed down a cheeseburger. She ate a decent dinner of pizza and orange slices from the bar. We finished the evening all snuggled up on the couch watching "Finding Dory" on Netflix! (Or, Finding "Doh-Dee," as Mae says.)

Sunday morning, we went to brunch at our neighbor's house. Mae is a little bit obsessed with their cats and stalked them all around the house. We had another quiet afternoon and a tasty dinner cooked at home. Thanks for spending a nice relaxing weekend with us, GranE and Batman!

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