Monday, April 9, 2018

the crib crew

Until Mae turned one, we followed all the rules about infant cribs: no blankets, no pillows, no bumpers, no stuffed animals. Nothing but a sheet and a baby. When she turned one, I cautiously added a lightweight knit blanket to the bed. Then a stuffed doggy. And then the bedtime roster really took off. Here's the current lineup.

1. Blankie: I poured my love into this handknit blanket, so she WILL sleep with it every night and like it, goshdarnit. Just kidding, it's so soft and cuddly how could she not love it? Every night we read two books and then I sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Hail Mary" while cradling her in my arms. I used to softly stroke her cheeks, but now she thinks it's hilarious to pet my face while I sing. Then we do 1 to 5 more rounds of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" (or "Up Above," as Mae calls it) before I lay her in the crib and tuck her in with this snuggly blanket.

2. Romy: The original member of the Crib Crew. This is the rag doll I pined for in Rome until Kelsey shoved money into my hand and made me buy it.

3. PJ: The beloved doggy stuffed animal from Aunt Colleen. If we travel anywhere, PJ and Romy MUST come with us.

4. Taco: Have you read the book "Dragons Love Tacos?" (I have... many, many times.) This skinny red dragon is featured throughout the book, and Mae has lovingly named him after his favorite food.

5. Bunny: A stuffed Peter Rabbit from Tim and David for Mae's Baptism. I'm sensing a bit of a literary theme here.

6. Moo: If you feel disappointed that you've gifted Mae a stuffed animal and don't see it featured here, this selection will prove that we really have no idea how baby brains develop their preferences. Mae received this little dalmatian in a gift bag from Isaac's birthday party and immediately deemed him crib-worthy, completely by-passing her usually tedious vetting process. Also, I could not convince Mae that he is actually a black and white spotted dog and not, in fact, a cow. She has only ever referred to this animal as Moo.

7. Honk: Apparently Beanie Babies are still a thing! This Canadian Goose was part of a Wawa-themed gift basket won by Dan's Aunt and Uncle and gifted to Mae at Christmas. Mae was very happy to receive "Honk." (I appreciate Mae's convention of using animal sounds as names. Much more creative than my stuffed animals "Cowie" and "Elephant").

Last, but decidedly NOT LEAST, in the Crib Crew, are "Blue" and "Pink," Mae's pacifiers. Blue is in her mouth and Pink is carelessly discarded next to Honk. I honestly don't know if the world would keep turning for Mae without these pacifiers. They are the first item requested at bed time, and the last item reluctantly relinquished in the morning. She insists on placing them carefully into a small box in her dresser for safekeeping.

I'd just like to note that everyone in this bunch (except a very lucky Taco and Peter) has survived multiple trips through the washing machine after the Great Stomach Bug incident of 2017. THANK GOODNESS.

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