Tuesday, March 27, 2018

sockhead hat

Here's a long overdue post on a project I finished back in December! This is the Sockhead Slouch Hat, made from yarn I bought at last year's Kentucky Wool Festival! This self-striping skein was hand-dyed by Rock and String Creations in the very vibrant colorway called Aura.

I intended to make a pair of socks, but was inspired by my friend Kathy's sockhead hat. She used another Rock and String colorway called "Zombies Walk at Midnight," which is striped but also has random splatters of red mixed in with the stripes. I would describe it as secretly gory, which amuses me to no end.

After finishing this hat, I wondered how often I would wear this casual/slouchy style. Fortunately, I'm very delayed in writing this post and can honestly say this hat has gotten LOTS of wear. It helps that we've had a fairly snowy winter! Project details on my Ravelry page.

Last week, Mae and I bundled up and went outside to enjoy a first-day-of-spring blizzard! We built a big snowman in the front yard, and I asked Mae what she wanted to name him. She thought for a moment and then babbled something long and complicated, ending in the word "Eyeball." I asked, "Eyeball?? Are you sure you want to name him Eyeball?!?!" She grinned and responded, "Eyeball." We spent the next 10 minutes trying to catch our breath amidst some serious giggle fits. Meet Eyeball!

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