Monday, August 4, 2014

coin magnets

In 2010 I traveled to Europe (Munich, Florence, Venice, Paris, and Madrid) with my friend Laura, and in 2013 Dan and I visited England and Ireland.

cozy birdhouse | europe trip 2010 with laura

cozy birdhouse | at the guinness brewery in dublin 2012

Both times, I brought home a handful of coins as a souvenir. Originally I had grand plans to display my maps, ticket stubs, and coins in a shadow box in our house, but frankly, I have more decor ideas than wall space. Then, I found a quick and easy craft project to turn those leftover coins into something useful: magnets!

cozy birdhouse | coin magnets

I simply glued a heavy duty magnet to the back of each coin, following this tutorial at Tattered Style. I recommend first cleaning the coins and magnets with rubbing alcohol and having some acetone handy in case the glue decides to glurp all over some place where it's not supposed to be.

cozy birdhouse | coin magnets

You could also use this same method to create push-pins to display your travel mementos on a bulletin board. Seriously, this was so easy... the hardest part was deciding which side of the coin to display!

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