Saturday, August 9, 2014

"awesome news" for $200, alex

Set your calendar reminders for Friday, October 3rd... Dan is going to be Jeopardy!

Q: Is the episode filmed already?
A: Yes! The air date is October 3rd.

Q: When is Jeopardy! on in my area?
A: Click this link to find out when Jeopardy! is on in your area

Q: How did he do?
A: You'll have to watch on October 3rd!

Q: How awkward was the interview part?
A: So awkward!

Q: How did he get on the show?
A: He took the online test back in January. Then he got a call asking him to come to Chicago for the in-person auditions where he took another written test and did some practice rounds on camera. Finally, they called in June asking him to come out to L.A. for filming.

Q: Did you get to meet Alex Trebek?
A: Dan did. I got to ask him a question from the audience: "What do you like to do Thursday through Monday (when Jeopardy! is not filming)?" He likes watching sports and reading.

Q: Can I see some pictures from your trip to L.A.?
A: I thought you'd never ask.

We made the most of our short time in Los Angeles. My parents, Dan, and I flew out a few days before the filming date to get adjusted to the time zone and do a little sight-seeing. Dan's parents arrived a couple days later. After we landed, we went straight to the J. Paul Getty Museum after we arrived. It was a little tough getting around the unfamiliar roads leading to the museum, so Dan's intimate knowledge of the maps from Grand Theft Auto V (modeled after Los Angeles) proved invaluable. The Getty was amazing... it's a huge art & architecture museum featuring the collection of J. Paul Getty, an oil tycoon who was named the richest man in America in 1957. The museum is located on a hill north of the city and has spectacular views, which you can see over the top of their cactus gardens.

cozy birdhouse | the j. paul getty museum

cozy birdhouse | the j. paul getty museum

cozy birdhouse | view of los angeles over the getty museum cactus garden

We stopped by Venice Beach for a short walk and spent a little time relaxing at Santa Monica pier. I had forgotten to bring a pair of sunglasses (on a trip to California... who does that?!), and the ones at CVS were $20. Fortunately I found an extremely fashionable red plastic pair in the little junk shops along the beach for just $3. Most useful souvenir ever.

cozy birdhouse | venice beach skate park

We also visited the California Science Center which has free admission, but for just $2 you can check out Space Shuttle Endeavor. My favorite part of the exhibit was the time-lapse video of the shuttle being moved down the side streets of Los Angeles from LAX to the museum, a process that took 60+ hours!

cozy birdhouse | space shuttle endeavor

The space shuttle was cool, but we probably spent an equal amount of time watching these fluffy chicks in the World of Life exhibit. They loved the attention and kept huddling in the corners near the cameras. We tried unsuccessfully to re-create the famous "chicken photobomb" picture taken at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry several years ago. That chicken was photobombing way before "photobombing" was a trend.

cozy birdhouse | chicks at the california science center

cozy birdhouse | chicks at the california science center

The famous chicken photobomb:

cozy birdhouse | the famous chicken photobomb

Finally we wandered through the Exposition Park Rose Garden behind the museum. I made these wallpapers (desktop, tablet, and smartphone versions available) from my favorite rose photo. Enjoy!

Rose wallpaper (desktop)
Rose wallpaper (tablet)
Rose wallpaper (smartphone)

cozy birdhouse | los angeles exposition park rose garden

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