Wednesday, July 23, 2014

for the love of string

My mom loves to tell this story about 5-year-old me. The day after Christmas, we went to the mall to handle some returns. I had received all these exciting toys as gifts, and mom said I could bring one along to keep me entertained. I chose... drumroll... a piece of string. Not one of my flashy new toys, just a piece of string.

She does leave out some critical (in my opinion) details. First, the string had a knot in one end. Second, it was my imaginary pet snake, with a knot for a head. Obviously.

My interest in string has matured a bit since then. Now it's "yarn," not just "string". Also, my creations are a little more useful than string snakes. My latest project is the Purl Bee Sweatshirt Sweater knit in Cascade 220 Superwash, colorway West Point Blue Heather. Knitting this sweater took twice as long (literally) as it should have. I knit the entire pattern once, decided it was too big, selected a smaller size of knitting needles, and re-knit the entire sweater. I'm quite pleased with the second attempt. I think Dan is also happy with the second attempt... because he was dreading the wailing and gnashing of teeth if this hadn't fit.

cozy birdhouse | purl bee sweatshirt sweater

cozy birdhouse | purl bee sweatshirt sweater

My timing was less than ideal, finishing a 100% wool sweater in the middle of July. I'm looking forward to some cooler Autumn evenings for a chance to wear it!

Project details on my Ravelry page.

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