Friday, December 2, 2022

kings island, finally!

After many delays this year due to weather, illness, injury, work schedules, and weather, we finally made it to Kings Island in mid-October! We were especially determined to make it work since we had these matching "Cousin Crew" shirts made and wanted an excuse to for the kids to wear them! (Special thanks to my friend Stacey for making these on relatively short notice.) The bright color helped us keep track of the 5 kids running around... plus they matched the blue ice cream perfectly!
This year Mae rode her first real roller coaster, The Woodstock Express (formerly known as The Beastie.) Waiting in line, she was very excited. As soon as the ride started, she buried her head in Dan's shoulder yelling, "I hate this! I hate this!" But, at the end of the ride, she was all smiles and shouted, "I loved it!" She was even brave enough to ride a second time later in the day!
Colin loved everything he rode, especially the bumper cars ("crash!") and the little train ride. I did have to convince him that Boo Blasters was fun and not "too scary." He has NOT STOPPED TALKING about Kings Island since we left. Every time we are in the car he asks about going. Every time we pretend we are riding on a train or a plane or a boat or a horse we are "going to Kings Island." It clearly left an impression!
Everyone had lots of fun. We took turns splitting into different groups so everyone could ride what they wanted. We finally got to ride the new roller coaster, Orion. I bought an Orion shirt for Kevin almost 3 years ago, thinking we'd be able to ride the coaster shortly after it opened in 2020. Between COVID and other stuff getting in the way, this is the first visit we've had since then! Kevin saved the shirt and finally got to wear it for the first time!
Thanks for a fun trip, Mom and Dad! I'm glad we finally made it work!

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