Friday, December 2, 2022

little full, lotta sap

For the last 10 years, Dan and I have driven over the river and through the woods and to the parking lot behind the strip club to pick out our Christmas tree. Last year, the prices went way up, so we decided to try a different place. We found a local tree farm that also sells pre-cut trees and drove there fully intending to grab a tree, put it on the car, and drive back home. Well, the precut trees were pretty limited and about twice as expensive as the cut-your-own trees, so we grabbed a saw and cut down a tree for the first time!
Mae and Colin had fun running around in the trees and helping drag ours back to the entrance. We got to watch as they put it on the tree shaker, drilled the hole, and tied it to the car. At checkout they gave us free popcorn and a cute handmade Christmas ornament! Excellent hospitality. On the way home, I asked Mae if she liked the new place or the old Christmas tree place better. She was quite unimpressed with the lack of candy canes at the tree farm. Next year I'll bring my own to keep everyone happy.
We got the tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. GranE and Batman visited for the holiday. We spent Wednesday and Thursday cooking and eating and playing. Mae had a whole list of activities she wanted to do with them at the house including picnics and fort-building. Friday we went to the zoo and got to see the new baby hippo. So cute! We had a fun visit!

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