Wednesday, November 16, 2022

grandparent week

I think Mae and Colin enjoyed their week at home just as much as Dan and I enjoyed our vacation! GranE and Batman visited for the first half of the week. It was a week of picnics, forts, and silly play time!
In the mornings, they got Mae out the door for school and then got some quality time with Colin. GranE enjoyed introducing Colin to the joys of jelly thumbprint cookies at the coffee shop.
In the afternoons, GranE set up fun activities. They loved playing "airplane" complete with seat numbers, suitcases, and snack service!
Mae and her stuffed animals even had a fancy little tea party with GranE.
Colin enjoyed having a captive audience to pore over the pages of "Cars And Trucks and Things That Go" with him. I think he's better at finding Goldbug than I am now!
Grandma came on Thursday to take over kid-watching duties so GranE and Batman could get home in time for other travel. We missed Mae and Colin so much while we were gone, but it was much easier knowing that they were having such a fun time at home with their fun-loving grandparents!

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