Sunday, July 17, 2022

wedding trip part 1

Colleen and Bobby are married!! We had an amazing time at the wedding and a great trip to the beach afterwards. This is one of those trips that needs multiple posts to cover all the good parts! We arrived to GranE and Batman's house on Thursday after a long drive. Both kids did well in the car! Colin spent hours looking at books and Mae spent hours staring at her new Kindle. We also played the license plate game and kept track of all the states we saw using a sheet of state stickers that came with Mae's Highlights magazine.

We used Friday to finish some last-minute wedding prep. Colleen and I got our nails done while Mae and Colin helped deliver guest bags to the hotel with GranE and Batman. Dan helped Batman pick up donuts for the wedding reception. So... I got pampered while everyone else did chores.

Friday evening we went to the rehearsal dinner. I took a lot of family photos, which was good since I have almost no photos from the actual wedding! Our favorite is this big family photo. Tim jokingly captioned it "Coming this fall to ABC."
Look at this adorable, happy couple!
I insisted on taking family photos as soon as we arrived (before kids got covered in dirt, ketchup, etc). We are so rarely all dressed up together! Three out of four looking is pretty good!
The venue was a beautiful outdoor garden with patio and lawn. We really enjoyed milling around and visiting with everyone before dinner. Colin and Mae are happy anywhere there is fruit and fresh mozzarella.
We enjoyed all the food, drinks, and speeches. After dinner, GranE and Batman made a little presenation of silly/sentimental gifts to Colleen and Bobby. Mae ran around catching fireflies with the other kids. Colin spent most of the evening playing in the ice bucket.
It was fun seeing all the bridesmaids again. We were all so excited to celebrate the beautiful bride on her wedding day!!!
I took a bunch of photos but here's a few more of my favorites from the evening. Stay tuned for more photos from the wedding and our trip to the beach!

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