Friday, July 1, 2022

cat cat

Prepare yourself for some seriously cute photos. Our neighbor was fostering some tiny kittens for a few weeks, and she invited us over to help socialize the kittens. Colin is obsessed with cats and screeches with excitement every time he sees a “cat cat.” He was in heaven surrounded by these four furry friends! He especially loved teasing them with the feathery lure and watching them chase it.
Mae is a bit skittish around all pets, but generally prefers cats to dogs. She spent most of the time perched on the loveseat so the one bitey kitten couldn’t get to her feet. She snuggled the sleepy black and white cat who just wanted to curl up and take a nap in her lap.
So glad we got to meet these sweet kittens!
In other news, I tested positive for COVID (again!) the evening these photos were taken. I missed a couple days of work, but everyone else (including my neighbor) stayed healthy. I’m suspecting that the rest of the family might have had a mild case the previous week, but we blamed the symptoms on Dan’s positive strep test. Fortunately we were all healthy for Colleen's wedding last weekend... many more photos to come!!

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