Saturday, October 24, 2020

pen pals

Mae has a pen pal! GranE found a great way to stay in touch since we haven't been able to visit as often as usual. It started several weeks ago when she sent Mae a letter and a huge leaf from their sycamore tree. Since then, they've exchanged several notes, a few leaves, and lots of stickers!
Mae loves when a piece of mail comes just for her! She enjoys hearing about GranE's days at work and at the beach. Writing a letter back is great practice for working on alphabet and spelling, though her notes tend to be on the brief side.
I help her spell some of the words (though I got a very sassy "Mommm I don't need you to spell 'AND'" recently). Then we seal the envelope and walk to the mailbox. Having a pen pal is so fun!

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