Thursday, October 22, 2020

colin meets colleen

It's hard to know what to write about family visits these days since we don't really do anything other than hanging around the house! Last month, Colleen drove out to meet Colin (and hang out with us). We enjoyed a mostly lazy weekend with lots of time for snuggles.
On Friday we met Colleen at the park after her morning run and then walked to the coffee shop for hot drinks and jelly cookies. On Saturday, Colleen braided Mae's hair. I'm impressed that 1) Colleen was able to braid Mae's short slippery hair, and 2) Mae sat still long enough for braided pigtails!
On Saturday afternoon, we walked to the park for some creek stomping. Even Colin dipped his toes in the water! He was a big fan of squishing his toes into the cool muddy sand.
On Sunday, we walked to the playground. Mae and Colleen kicked a soccer ball around and raced across the field. It was pretty evenly matched. While one has more running training, the other one has almost limitless energy.
Of course, we had to recreate the photo that Colleen has taken of Mae the last 3 years. Aw I love that little 2-year-old Mae photo so much!
Even though we didn't have any grand plans for the weekend, we still we wore ourselves out! Colleen and Colin got one more evening snuggle in before she had to drive home on Monday. Thanks for a fun visit, Aunt Colleen!

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