Monday, October 26, 2020

four months of colin

Can you believe this little guy is 4 months old already??
As I've written each of these monthly updates, I've enjoyed looking back on what I wrote about Mae at the same age. As different as their personalities are, turns out all infants are pretty much the same! Here's some snippets of four months of Mae that match up pretty well with four months of Colin:

"Perfected rolling onto her tummy." Yup! Colin is my little roly-poly! Fortunately he hasn't adopted Mae's habit of sleeping completely face-down. He snoozes so peacefully on his back with his little hands up in "touchdown" pose.
"Knows the right motions for crawling but doesn't have quite enough arm strength to lift her belly off the ground." Check! He wiggles all over his play mat: roll, scoot, wiggle. All day long! He loves to wiggle to the edge of the baby gym and dig his fingers into the carpet. Which brings me to...

"Loves scratching [her fingers] on different textures like the mesh sides of her Pack 'N Play." As I type this, he's sleepily scritch-scritch-scritching his fingernails on the couch.
"Enjoys playing with (and chewing on) this water-filled mat." Yup! The water whale mat is a favorite play item currently. He loves to gag himself by cramming the whole tail into his mouth. I let him chew up the four month sticker at the end of our photos this month.
"If she's not rolling over, she's either sucking on her toes, chewing on her fingers, or generating enough drool to fill a bath tub. Are teeth in her near future??" So. Much. Drool. Colin is definitely a bib baby. Between endless drool and constant little blurps of formula, we are going through 4-5 bibs a day. I can feel little teeth nubbins in his bottom gum line. Any day now! The fingers are constantly in his mouth, but he hasn't quite figured out how to get the feet all the way to his mouth. It doesn't stop him from trying!
This month, Colin has started settling into a routine. (Just in time for me to go back to work and mess it up!) He wakes up around 7:45 a.m. to eat. He takes a morning nap in the stroller or baby carrier while Mae and I take a long walk to the park, the square, or the library. His second nap usually lines up pretty well with Mae's "quiet time" after lunch, so I get a few hours for chores (and let's be honest, knitting) in the afternoons. He eats his last bottle around 9 p.m. and drifts off to sleep in the Pack 'N Play after Dan lays him down... AWAKE. Can you believe that? What a weird (read: awesome) baby!
This month, we ventured out (safely!) in public a bit more. We went to the zoo twice and were pleased to see that it's not too crowded and has pretty good mask-wearing even in the "not required" areas. Man, I've really missed the zoo. We've also been to the library a couple times, and both times we had the place to ourselves.
I have a couple photos from last month that I forgot to share, so I'm sneaking them in here! Firstly, ever wonder what the behind-the-scenes of our monthly photo shoots look like? Colleen was visiting while we took Colin's photos last month, and she captured this gem. This doesn't show the pose where Colin's on his back, I'm standing on a chair over him, and Dan is standing behind me shaking noisy rattles over my head to draw Colin's attention. We look a bit crazy for sure. Great lighting in the kitchen though!
Secondly, baby on a log.
And finally, airplane baby. Happy four months little snuggle buddy!

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