Sunday, July 26, 2020

one month of colin

Happy one month, little guy!

I've been struggling with what to write about the last month, and I realized why: I'm afraid I'm going to jinx it!! Colin is such a relaxed baby! He's a good eater, a decent sleeper, and overall just a very calm kiddo. He only fusses when he's hungry, and even then it takes him quite a while to work up to a full cry. He tries to soothe himself by sucking his thumb, but rarely remembers to unclench his fist enough to actually get his fingers into his mouth. When he's tired, he puts his hand to the back of his head and pulls his fingers through his fuzzy hair. See, tired:

His favorite activity is staring. He stares up into the blue sky on our walks, and he stares forlornly in our direction if we walk away while he's awake in the baby swing. He sits in his little pillow chair and stares at us while we make dinner. But mostly he likes staring at our faces while we cradle him on the couch. He likes to stare at Dan for at least a half an hour after his midnight feed, and refuses to go back in his Pack 'N Play until he's stared himself back to sleep. His gaze bores deep into our eyes. (He captured our hearts the moment he was born, but I have a suspicion he's trying to capture our souls also.)

He's started to add some hesitant coos into his vocal repertoire of grunts and snores. I'm hoping to see some smiles soon! He tolerates tummy time (with much grunting and struggling), but seems much more focused on pushing with his legs than lifting his head. He also tolerates sponge bath time, but LOVES the part where we dip his head under the faucet to rinse his hair. He's only had sponge baths so far since his umbilical cord is still healing, so I hope his love of the faucet translates to a love of splashing in the plastic baby tub soon!

This infant lounger has been a godsend. We move it around the house with us: kitchen, dining room, and, yes, even the bathroom, so Colin can hang out while we go about our days. He does frequently nod off in his little baby nest, though we don't let him nap in it for extended periods of time.

We took our first family walk when Colin was about a week old. I think half the neighborhood was outside that evening, so lots of people got to meet him (from a distance). Since then, we've gone out for walks almost every morning before the summer heat gets too unbearable.

Mae is adjusting well to life with a sibling. She's a big helper and always eager to fetch things when asked (burp cloth, onesie, pacifier). She loves introducing Colin to people on our walks, saying, "This is my baby brother! He barfed on the couch twice and pooped on the wall twice!" (In her opinion, these are the most notable events of the past month.) Her chattiness has only increased since our attention has been split between kids, and there is rarely a moment of silence in our house now.

We are looking forward to month two!

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