Sunday, July 19, 2020

facetime the family

Due to coronavirus, Colin's first introduction to the family was mostly virtual! The hospital did not permit any visitors, and we were recommended to have any family isolate for 2 weeks prior to visiting. While our first week at home wasn't exactly peaceful even without visitors, it was nice to start building our new routine. Mom took this family photo for us when Colin was 9 days old, the day she went back home after taking care of us for over two weeks.

I put on makeup and real clothes just for this occasion! The photo is a bit deceptive, though. We look all nice and put together, but we are actually surrounded by the typical chaos of the playroom! Here's Mae, hamming it up for the tripod.

While Mae was the first one to meet and hold Colin when we got home, Grandma also got plenty of baby snuggles in that first week. Fortunately, he's still a pretty cuddly kid and loves being held. (But not in that "I'll scream if I'm not held constantly" way. More in a "I will gaze adoringly into your eyes for hours while you cradle me" way.)

Colin's had several FaceTime calls with Dan's side of the family! I think he snoozed through the first few with GranE, Batman, and Colleen. I forgot to take a screenshot of group FaceTime that included Tim and David! (I think he slept through that one, too.)

Dad and Kelsey actually got to see some eyeballs. They must have called during a rare hour of alertness! (They were able to visit along with Kevin when Colin was about 2 weeks old, so I'll have to share those pictures later!)

While it's been unfortunate that Colin hasn't been able to meet all our friends and family in person yet, he does spend more time awake and engaged every day! That'll make future visits even more fun for everyone!

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