Wednesday, August 19, 2020

meet the family

With some careful planning and isolation, both sets of grandparents have now had a chance to meet Colin!

Mom, Dad, and Kevin came for a visit when Colin was 2 weeks old. They even came bearing a (very large!) gift: a hand-me-down playset tower for the backyard from Christopher and Emily. Mae was pretty excited when they pulled up in front of our house towing a U-Haul! When he wasn't helping set up the tower and slide, Dad got lots of snuggle time with Colin.

Kelsey was working the day Mom, Dad, and Kevin visited, so they all came back for a visit the following weekend. Kelsey even got to feed Colin a bottle! So cozy.

GranE and Batman came for a weekend visit when Colin was 6 weeks old. Colin is a little more awake and alert each week, so they got to see his playful, contented personality while also enjoying his long, snuggly naps.

Mae was THRILLED to have some company. Isolation is getting pretty tough for this very social kid. She moved a mile a minute all weekend and was so happy to have GranE and Batman as playmates. She spent hours coloring with GranE outside in the backyard and doing puzzles in the play room with Batman!

Since Mae went into GranE and Batman's room each day when she woke up, Dan and I enjoyed a few minutes of quiet in the morning. Can't say the same for Batman!

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