Thursday, May 30, 2019

caroline easter dress

Our bathroom renovation is well underway, and I am SO STRESSED about it! I wake up in a panic every morning over some little detail. It's going pretty well, so I can't even imagine how much of a mess I'd be if we were having big problems. Since I've been neglecting my house duties while our home is under construction (what's the point when everything gets covered in dust again?), I've had more time for sewing. I have lots of projects to share!

First up is Mae's Easter dress. I used the Caroline Party Dress pattern, which I also used to make her Easter dress two years ago. The fabric is an Art Gallery Fabrics quilting cotton print called Garden Walk Shine from the Wonderful Things collection. It has an allover light pink grid print with a magenta and yellow flower border along the selvage.

At first, I tried to add a dark pink bodice lining and underskirt, but it showed through the thin print and made the seams look weird. I think it would have looked cute if I could have figured it out, but it just wasn't working. You win some, you lose some. I switched to a white lining instead.

I also made a layered bow (smallest size) from the Made for Mermaids free tutorial. I stitched it to a small barrette.

We had a fun Easter weekend with my family. On Friday, we all went to an indoor swimming pool and the kids (and adults) had fun playing in the splash pad area. On Sunday, we hunted for our Easter baskets, dyed eggs, went to Mass and went out for a family brunch. Mae enjoyed dying eggs, but was very confused about the phrase. "Why the eggs DIED??" English is a hard language to explain.

Happy (belated) Easter! P.S. This post contains a clue about another recent sewing project. See if you can spot it!

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