Friday, May 17, 2019


Today is Mae's third birthday, and I thought she might actually explode from the anticipation this week! Yesterday, on the way to day care, she told Dan, "I go to baby school, and then I come home, and we eat dinner, and then I get a treat, and then we watch 'Octonauts, and then I go to bed, and then I wake up and IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!" This kid was counting the minutes 'til she turned 3!

Mae woke up extra early today (too excited for her birthday), so we had a very full day! First, we baked cupcakes. Mae helped me measure ingredients and put all the cupcake liners into the tin. After breakfast, we got dressed and went to the zoo. When Grandma visited a couple weeks ago, we went to the zoo's bird show, and Mae was losing her mind over all the bird tricks (and slapstick comedy). We tried to go on Mother's Day, but it was rained out. Mae was devastated, so I promised we would go this week. She's been talking about the bird trainer Bob and the birds Coco and BG all week. I'm so glad the weather was nice enough today for a birthday bird show! After the show, Mae even got to meet Bob who gave her a feather from Coco as a birthday present (Mae told him that was her favorite bird).

I also took Mae to the cheetah show, which she loved! Needless to say, she had LOTS to tell Daddy when he got home from work today! (This photo is from our rainy Mother's Day zoo visit.)

We opened presents as soon as Dan got home from work.

Of course, we had to open and play with each gift as it was opened. First we fed the Hungry Hungry Hippos about 15 times. Mae got a huge kick out of this game. I have a feeling there are a lot of hippo feedings in our future.

Next we tried out some batting practice on the new t-ball set. We had to work on Mae's form a bit, since she was inclined to use the bat like a pool cue. She got the hang of it after a few rounds!

This evening, Lisa hosted a little pizza party for some of our friends. Since Anna and Isaac were there, we brought cupcakes so Mae could celebrate her birthday with friends! They had a great time playing on the swing set.

Happy birthday, Mae! I hope your birthday lived up to all your expectations... I sure had a fun day! (If it didn't, don't worry. We get a re-do next weekend for your belated birthday party.) We can't wait to see what three brings for you, sweet girl!

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