Tuesday, October 10, 2017

oh, boy!

September turned out to be a busy month. Early in the month, Dan made a whirlwind, one-day trip out east for his Grandad's funeral. Mae and I were unable to attend, but we hope to see all the family when we visit over Christmas. We also got some things done around the house in September. We replaced the broken sink in our second bathroom, and now we don't have to wash our hands in the bath tub any more! Luxury. Mae and I spent a lot of time going to parks and on play dates. We went to the zoo last Wednesday and Mae is finally showing interest in the animals! She was so enthralled with the penguins that she squeaked excitedly at them and clung to the railing when I tried to move on to the next exhibit.

Last weekend turned out to be the most eventful we've had in a while. Dan's mom arrived late Thursday and snuck a peek at a peacefully snoozing Mae before we headed to bed. Friday morning Eileen, Mae, and I went to story time at the local book store. As usual, Mae couldn't care less about the books but LOVED dancing along to the songs.

Friday afternoon I came down with a short-lived but yucky stomach bug. I rested Friday and Saturday morning while Dan and Eileen took Mae to our local parks and out to lunch. They got lots of goofy quality time together. Cheers!

I rallied myself Saturday afternoon and got moving just in time to catch a ride with Kathy to the Kentucky Wool Festival. We had such a good time at the event last year, that I added this year's festival to the calendar immediately afterwards. Surprisingly, we didn't hit any traffic arriving mid-afternoon this year. Unfortunately, Kathy's mom and friend who were supposed to meet us there were not so lucky and waited in traffic for an hour before giving up and heading home. Clearly, Wool Fest was THE place to be in middle-of-nowhere Kentucky this weekend. We wandered through the craft tents, sampled some tasty fair food, and (of course) bought some yarn! We each picked up a "Mystery Bag" from Jessica's Creations. The little $10 paper bags were taped shut (to preserve the mystery) and contained enough yarn for a pair of socks! I love my sparkly blue and white speckled colorway. I also bought a skein of self-striping yarn called "Aura" from Rock and String Creations. Both are now wound and waiting impatiently to become socks! Although, I have another project to finish first (more on that in a minute).

Saturday afternoon, Christopher and Emily hosted a gender reveal party for the affectionately nicknamed "K2" who will be joining us in February! I was sad to miss the party, but had a guest visiting and yarn to buy. (In my defense, I've had Wool Fest on the calendar longer than this baby has existed.) We sent a photo of our guesses in advance. Mae made her choice very scientifically by selecting a blue pacifier over a pink pacifier.

We were in the minority with our "boy" guesses, but I guess our intuition wasn't lying! Oliver timidly approached his "reveal" cupcake at first, but then smashed his way in to the BLUE filling with gusto! Everyone cheered, and he looked super startled like he had been caught doing something naughty. Yay, Ollie, you're getting a baby brother!

Christopher and Emily have already chosen their nursery theme: Avengers! Emily loved the Harry Potter mobile I made for Oliver and has already requested an Avengers one for K2. I am so excited, I have already sketched out my pattern! Time to order felt and get cutting/stitching! Sock knitting will just have to wait.

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