Saturday, October 14, 2017

she never stops talking

... but we have no idea what she's saying!

Here's a quick update on Mae as she approaches 17 months.

She wears her hair in a palm-tree style ponytail most days, and she thinks it's hilarious every time she reaches up and feels it on the top of her head. She says "no?" to everything, usually in a rapid-fire "no? no? no? no? noooooo." She knows lots of animal noises including cat (meow), dog (ff ff), penguin (aa!), lion/tiger/bear (rarrrrr), owl (whoooo), and monkey (ooh-ooh-aah-aah, and sometimes ooh-aah-ooh-aah or aah-ooh-ooh-aah). She says "hi" and "bye" and blows kisses like it's her job. She likes to look at her picture book of family members and knows cousin Ollie (Ah-yee) by name. She loves hiding in her closet and squealing with excitement when she pops out. She brushes her own teeth (not very thoroughly, but these are the practice teeth anyways). She gives hugs generously to her grandmas and her day care teachers.

She tells us that she wants to go outside by yelling "BUBBOOOO" and pointing at the bottle of bubbles. She loves playing in her sandbox, going down slides, and riding her little bike (bi! bi! bi!). She just got her second pair of shoes (shhh's) and has mostly adjusted to walking in the bigger size. She likes to spin around in circles until she gets dizzy and tips over. She was on the receiving and giving end of toddler bite incidents at day care. (I don't know if it was with the same kid; when do babies learn about revenge?) She is obsessed with coloring at her little table and loves to tell Dada about her day when he gets home from work.

She is tall and skinny and rocking this adorable hand-knitted dress from Kathy. I love the ombre effect of the yarn (I think it is a Wonderland Yarns Cheshire Cat mini-skein set).

Mae, you are chatty and adventurous and endlessly silly. We love you, sweet pea!