Saturday, September 9, 2017


Yesterday was our five year wedding anniversary! We celebrated last weekend with a mini-getaway. We dropped off Mae on Friday night with Grandma and Grandpa and checked into our hotel downtown. This was our first time both being away from her... and we got two whole nights to ourselves! We had a gorgeous view of downtown from our top-floor room.

Friday evening we enjoyed a tasty Japanese dinner followed by a night of sleep where we didn't wake up to the sound of baby whimpers. I forgot how nice that is. Saturday, we wandered around downtown through the mall and along the canal. The perfect weather reminded us so much of the day we got married five years ago!

Saturday night we made reservations at St. Elmo's, home of the famous cocktail sauce once named the world's spiciest food by the Travel Channel. I stuck with a nice salad for my appetizer, but Dan chose to clear out his sinuses with a few bites of horseradish and shrimp.

Sunday we went to mass at the cathedral where we were married. I felt pretty silly getting our photo taken in front of church, but we wanted to relive this moment from our wedding day!

Afterwards, we went to the art museum where we played a very fun, local-themed mini golf course and wandered around the paintings, gardens, and greenhouse, before driving back to my parents' house to resume our lives as mama and dada.

Are you wondering what Mae did while we were away? Well... most of the time, she stayed locked up in the entertainment center. (Well, not locked up, but crawling in and out of it IS one of her favorite things to do at Grandma and Grandpa's house.)

She went to the neighborhood park and played for hours on the backyard swing set and slide. She must have been a good girl, because they even took her for ice cream Saturday night! I think all of us had a great time, and Mae did really well for her first extended time away from us. I guess we'll have to do this again (in another 5 years)!

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