Thursday, August 3, 2017

the missing link

We had such a fun time during Aunt Colleen's visit! The weather was beautiful all weekend, so we took advantage with lots of outdoor activities (and plenty of indoor time watching Harry Potter weekend). Colleen arrived Friday afternoon and we walked to a nearby brewery for drinks and pizza. Mae especially enjoyed the outdoor seating area since there were so many doggies to meet.

Colleen is the missing link that proves Mae is actually related to us. She doesn't look much like Dan or me with her light hair and blue eyes, but she looks just like a mini version of Colleen!

After a lazy Saturday morning (for us... Colleen ran 9 miles), we went to the swimming pool in the afternoon. Colleen showed Mae how to blow bubbles in the water and how to kick while swimming. We all took turns running through the splash pad with Mae, which made her very giggly.

Sunday, we walked to the farmers market and picked up fresh pasta and veggies for dinner. Tomato season is the best time to hit up the farmers market. I'm not a huge fan of tomatoes, but I love the little tiny heirloom ones splashed with balsamic vinegar and tossed with little pieces of fresh mozzarella and basil. Our garden is about 4 feet high with weeds instead of veggies this year, but I still managed to plant basil... it's a summer necessity!

We are looking forward to seeing Colleen again in just a few weeks when we travel out East. It was super fun having her here for some undivided Mae time! The weekend was very relaxing, since Dan and I both got a bit of a break while Colleen was playing with Mae. Thanks for visiting, Aunt Coll!

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