Sunday, March 19, 2017

a room of one's own

It's been a whole year since I traded in my craft room for a nursery. Last winter, we disassembled my spacious craft desk and repurposed the cubbies into a changing table and a baby bookshelf, while the table top sat languishing in the basement with my boxes of yarn, fabric, paper, and paint. Side note: in my last entry about the basement flood, you can see a shallow plastic box which contains most of my yarn stash. Usually it sits on the other side of the basement, but it decided to float merrily across the water-logged floor and hang out near the ironing board. Nothing was damaged... it just went for a little boat ride!

In January, I decided that I really needed a space of my own again. I knew I couldn't have a whole room, since we only have two bedrooms, and the basement just isn't a place I want to hang out for any amount of time. But, I really wanted somewhere to set up my sewing machine and the new serger I got for Christmas! So, in January, we rearranged our front room to accommdate a new (smaller) desk and bookshelf for me!

As usual, the furniture is from Ikea. Mae enjoyed helping out with her first furniture assembly.

I also replaced the photo gallery that used to hang in this area. You can sort of see the old layout of the room in the photos from my post about our stained glass window. Instead of photos, I framed some of Mae's artwork from baby school, and I love how it turned out! I bought the frames at Ikea and purchased an inexpensive mat cutter on Amazon so I can frame non-standard sized art. Now we have a proper gallery for our "future artist!" (Onesie courtesy of Aunt Kelsey!)

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