Friday, March 17, 2017

ten months of mae

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing green today? Mae is not, because green girl clothes are nearly impossible to find! Even this rainbow striped onesie omits green. I hope the other babies at day care don't pinch her!

I had some help from my photography assistant (Dan) this month, so we finally captured a few of Mae's smiley moments! He was exhausted from all his silly theatrics during our photo shoot.

Mae hit two big development milestones this month. Firstly, she finally crawls! She has (mostly) ditched the army crawling for a more typical hands-and-knees style. She's still faster on her belly, so she'll resort to that when she really needs to get somewhere fast.

Secondly, she pulled up to standing on the last day of February. Since then, she's been pulling up more and more. Fortunately, she is just learning how to get back down now too. For a few weeks, she would stand up and then get SO ANGRY that she was stuck like that!

She's also been practicing her baby yoga. Check out this perfect downward-facing dog pose.

Mae also figured out how to drink from her straw cup this month... sort of. She learned how to suck liquid through the straw, but not how to swallow it instead of drooling it out all over her bib. Every time she got a little bit into her mouth, she would look to me with a big, proud smile and dribble it all over herself!

We had a couple fun outings over the last couple weeks. Last weekend we went to visit Lauren and Zach to admire all the amazing work they've done on their new house. Mae loved sliding around on their freshly refinished floors. Then, this week, Mae and I went to lunch with Jen, Anna, Stacey, and Isaac. We had a great time!

Finally, I just have to comment on the adorable-ness of these overalls. They even have real pockets and a hammer loop. Maybe I'll put the mallet from her peg board toy in the loop. Gah! That will be so cute!!

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