Tuesday, August 2, 2016

tiny clothes

Mae has already outgrown her newborn clothes and will soon be too big for her 0-3 month ones! I'll definitely be sad when I have to pack away her cute little outfits, so I took photos to remember the things she's worn so far.

She came home from the hospital wearing this little denim dress, tiny pink socks, and her handknit hat. She also got lots of use from the newborn yellow dress and leggings, including her first trip to church at 3 weeks.

Her first few weeks were spent mostly in these little footed sleep n' plays and the turtle gown. She was so curled up all the time that her feet wouldn't stay down in the legs of the sleepers. Sometimes I just zipped them right up with her curled up in a ball and didn't worry about the feet!

These outfits were great for outings and lunches. She wore the blue dress on the right to meet cousin Oliver!

This white and gold party dress was perfect for celebrating my birthday this year. I dressed her in the denim dress and yellow stripe leggings from Aunt Emily for our trip to the mall a few weeks ago, but she got so worked up before we left that I undressed her. Then she fell asleep and spent 3 hours in the stroller at the mall wearing just a diaper and a blanket! At least she wore that outfit again for her two month photos.

She spends most of these hot summer days in a short sleeved onesie. Comparing the little newborn ones on the left to her current 3 month size on the right show just how much she's grown!

She feels very sophisticated when she wears her Venezia onesie from Aunt Kelsey.

But what did Mae wear more than anything else the last 2.5 months? This:

About 350 of them!

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  1. What a great way to remember those outfits that she wore so few times, but that helped create memories of her very early days. Precious!