Monday, August 15, 2016

brave or crazy: part 2

Now for part 2 of our whirlwind trip! (Click here if you missed part 1.) We arrived at my grandparents' house around dinner time on Saturday, and the rest of my family arrived around 10:30pm. I can't believe they managed a 15 hour car ride with 6 adults and a 7 week old baby! We thought our 6 hour drive was a huge accomplishment! Oliver and Mae got to meet their great grandparents for the first time.

Sunday, we introduced Mae to the swimming pool and to Lake George. She still seemed pretty unsure about the chilly water!

Sunday evening began the festivities to celebrate both my grandparents turning 90 this year. They both love Jeopardy, so my dad and his siblings prepared and hosted a game made of clues specifically for them. Gramma and Grampa both answered the final Jeopardy clue ("This is what Dorothy thought after she met Al for the first time") with the correct answer: "That's the man I am going to marry!"

The party continued Monday with barbecue, cake, and lots of games including bingo, bocce, and line dancing.

Mae played on a blanket outside during the party.

I love this photo of Oliver, Christopher, Dad, and Grampa... Four generations of my family bloodline all together.

I'm so glad we had the birthday party as an excuse to travel. Otherwise, I'm not sure we would have braved the trip, but I would have been so disappointed to miss out on the beach and Lake George this year!

After our drive back to Philadelphia on Tuesday, we swung by Colleen's new apartment and then met our friends Kierston and Alan for dinner. We finally made it home Wednesday evening... though we only managed to sleep there one night before we had to leave again. More on that later!

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