Sunday, July 17, 2016

two months of mae

Here she is... two months old!

The past month brought a lot of firsts for Mae! Baby's First Visit to the Zoo and to the Mall, Baby's First Baseball Game, and Baby's First Happy Hour (I don't think they make a baby book milestone sticker for that one, but we had fun showing her off to my coworkers).

Her favorite activity is laying on her changing table (huge gummy smiles every time!) and she still loves playing under her activity gym. Lately, she has been focusing intently on the jangly lion toy before giving it a mighty whack to set it swinging. She loves wiggling up a storm while wearing her wrist and foot rattles and has added yelps, grunts, and gasps to her vocabulary in addition to "ahhh" and "gooo." She has also discovered the fakey, half-hearted "weh" cry that she uses to get my attention when she's tired of playing.

Mae's evenings are much more consistent, usually going to bed around 10 pm and sleeping for about 6 hours. She fights sleep like it's her job, and only Dan has the magic combination of holding and shushing to get her to finally close her eyes (though she likes to keep one tiny slit of eye open to make sure he's still there). We joked that our marriage was probably saved by finding the YouTube video called "Colikcy Baby Sleeps to this Magic Sound," which is just 10 straight hours of white noise. It's almost comical how quickly her eyelids drop when we press "play."

Overall, month two was a good one for Mae. She enjoyed the introduction of real baths... except the hair washing part. Still, they are a much more pleasant experience than sponge baths. Unfortunately, she still loathes tummy time. If we put her on her stomach, she quickly melts into a puddle of tears and muffled screams with her face buried into the mat. However, she does enjoy flying like an airplane on my shins while I lay on my back, which is great exercise for her neck (and my abs).

We are looking forward to new milestones in month three! We are planning to tackle Baby's First Flight in a few weeks as we travel to the East coast for some family vacations. Wish us luck!

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