Wednesday, June 22, 2016

happy birthday to me

I'm celebrating my second annual 29th birthday this week. (No, this joke never gets old. Even though I do.) I'm definitely noticing little things that remind me that I'm turning 30. Most notably, the hair dresser tactfully changed her usual response when I asked once more if I should start coloring my gray hair (from: "Oh, I'll let you know when but I don't think you're there yet," to: "We can start with something subtle, maybe a demi-permanent blah blah blah." Ok, I can take a hint).

In honor of my birthday, I have something really fun to share. Back in April, an email popped up from my grandparents with a very special scanned document attached: a copy of the construction paper Christmas card that my dad made them about 30 years and 6 months ago to announce that they were expecting! I just love the creative poem and cute little illustrations. This might rival Dan's handmade "Birds I Know" book as my favorite construction paper document of all time!

cozy birdhouse | a pregnancy announcement from the 80s

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