Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Guess what! I'm an Aunt!! Christopher and Emily's little boy Oliver was born just a month and a day after Mae. And, just like Mae, he was 4 days overdue and weighed 7 lb 13 oz!

Mom, Dad, and Kevin drove out to celebrate my birthday last week with a delicious steak dinner and mom's homemade blueberry pie. They stayed overnight afterwards, which unfortunately involved a very early morning trip to our creepy basement because of a severe weather warning. Mae alerted us to the impending storms just before they hit (though she probably just woke up because she was hungry).

Thursday, Mae and I hitched a ride with my parents back to their house for a couple days. We let Dan have a whole night to himself, and then he drove in Friday after work for BABYPALOOZA! Christopher and Emily brought over Oliver, Courtney and John brought Henry (just a little older than Oliver) and his big sister Kate, and Matt and Jamie brought Will and Libby. Mae and Oliver enjoyed a few minutes of playtime on the blanket. It was fun to see how much she's grown, since she weighed about as much as Oliver just a month ago. She's about 9.5 lbs now! She looks pretty excited to meet her cousin!

Here they are with little Henry. I think he's their second cousin, but it might be more complicated than that. So cute!

Babypalooza was chaotic and fun! Can't wait to see these little ones grow up together!

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