Sunday, April 10, 2016

signs of spring

Lots of wonderful things happen in the spring. Birds build nests, the grass turns green, the city starts filling in all the potholes, and the flowers start to appear. (I had almost given up on my new daffodils, but they finally bloomed just as everyone else's were beginning to wilt!)

cozy birdhouse | daffodils

My favorite part of the spring is that people really begin to emerge from their homes for the first time since New Years. They plan events and get-togethers in an attempt to shake off months of cabin fever. Last weekend we went to Ben's annual food-themed birthday party. Dan and I have been to most of Ben's birthday celebrations since we met at the Chicago-style hot dog themed party in 2009! This year's feature was a blind taste-test of five chilis, which just reaffirmed my original judgment that Cincinnati-style chili is really strange.

This week began Dan's first full week of "funemployment" following a large round of layoffs at work. He's trying to stay busy with the job hunt and getting the house ready to welcome our little girl. At least a week at home afforded him the opportunity to attend the Reds Opening Day Parade for the first time. The parade featured all the typical small-city attractions: police on motorcycles, fire trucks, baby goats on leashes... even the city coroner made an appearance. So exciting.

cozy birdhouse | reds opening day parade

cozy birdhouse | cincinnati skyline

Thursday, Kathy threw me a baby shower over lunch time at work. Lots of girls from my current and previous groups chipped in for a tasty potluck and a group gift! Kathy made some delicious chocolate cupcakes topped with strawberry frosting and little baby-themed white chocolate decorations.

cozy birdhouse | my baby shower at work

cozy birdhouse | with kathy and elena at my baby shower at work

I loved how my friend Cassie wrapped these baby socks, with each one rolled up and tucked into an egg carton. So cute!

cozy birdhouse | baby socks in an egg carton!

Saturday, our trivia team (called "Chuck Norris' Entourage") competed in the city semi-finals. We finished 4th of 60 teams, earning a spot in the finals next week. Unfortunately, most of our team won't be in town, so we'll have to settle for the bragging rights of having made it this far. We are currently tossing around ideas for a new team name, since Kierston and Alan moved away and our team has shrunk a bit. I think the current front runner is my suggestion of "I lost on Jeopardy."

I am hoping for more warm spring days soon! As much as I love snow, I was a little disappointed to see a dusting of it Saturday morning. I'm ready for sunshine and flowers!

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