Thursday, April 28, 2016

about to hatch

Last Sunday, my friend Amanda hosted a baby shower for me at her house. The theme was "About to Hatch," and she went all-out with adorable bird-themed decor! I absolutely loved her diaper cake, which looked so cute on the table of delicious treats and sweets. The homemade mini bundt cakes decorated to look like little nests were perfect for the shower theme!

cozy birdhouse | about to hatch... my baby shower!

cozy birdhouse | about to hatch... my baby shower!

After opening many generous gifts (including a handmade quilt from Jen and a handknit burp cloth and booties from Kathy), we played a few games. I particularly enjoyed watching my friends race each other to match a big box of mixed baby socks into pairs as quickly as possible. Amanda bought a mix of lots of sizes, so we are well-stocked on socks now! I washed them all this week, and then Dan and I paired and sorted them all. (It's a good thing we didn't race because I would have lost. I spent more time saying "awww" than actually sorting socks.)

cozy birdhouse | handmade baby gifts from jen and kathy

The shower was like a mini-reunion for many of my friends who don't get to see each other that often. I'm so glad everyone invited was able to attend. My family stayed over with us Saturday night so that Mom, Kelsey, and Emily could come to the shower while the boys played disc golf. Now Mom can put a face with names of the friends I mention. She already knows a few (Kathy, Amanda) since they appear with us in photos on the digital photo frame that sits on her desk.

cozy birdhouse | about to hatch... my baby shower!

I'll finish up this entry with the sweet little poem that Amanda included with the shower favors (a tea light candle holder):

Burn this tea light on the night
Once the stork has made its flight
With a flicker of the flame
Please say a prayer in Baby's name

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